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Our Instructors

Chris Fennessy

Chris Fennessy

4th Dan

Kay Cameron

Kay Cameron

2nd Dan

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Members of the British Ishinryu Karate Association

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Dragons Training for Children. This Ishinryu website is focused on our younger students across all Ishinryu clubs.

Rush Green Ishinryu Karate

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Rush Green Ishinryu was founded on the principle that Karate is for everyone.  We train students from 6 years old upwards and we have no upper age limit.  Our weekly Family class is designed to accommodate students of all ages.

Ishinryu Karate was founded in 1973 in Dagenham by our founder Ticky Donovan OBE, and Rush Green is the newest member of the British Ishinryu family of clubs.  We have very close ties with the oldest club in Ishinryu (Woodlane) which was founded in 1973 and continues to thrive in the Romford area.

Ishinryu run a number of clubs in East London and Essex, and British Ishinryu Karate is part of a worldwide family with clubs across Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.  Over the years Ishinryu has produced British, European and World champions – but our emphasis remains very much on traditional karate, with basic training, and the correct understanding and application of technique, being our true foundation.

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Every Tuesday:    5.00 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.

We run every week of the year, including during school holidays.

Summer Holiday Training

During the School Summer Holidays we run an additional class each Thursday afternoon from 3:30.  All students are welcome, especially those who train in term time at our Rush Green after-school club.


Rush Green Community Association

Rush Green Road

Join our Club

We welcome new members and it’s very easy to join.

  1. Turn up at least 10 minutes early
  2. Wear track bottoms and T-shirt.
  3. Join the session

There is no up-front joining fee.  Just pay for each session (£6).  We have special rates for family groups, and an adult and child can train for £10.  

If you decide to stay you will be required to purchase a Gi (karate suit) and licence within your first month of training.

Who can join?

Adults or Children (from 6 years old).